Neighbourhood Planning  

Established under the Localism Act 2011 and gives communities opportunity and responsibility to:

  • Shape the places in which they live
  • Decide the location for new homes/business
  • Get more involved with creating policies

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

The NDP is the enabling document for Neighbourhood Planning and once completed and adopted by the Local Authority into the Local Plan Core Strategy (adopted on 16th October 2015) becomes part of planning law.

NDPs are produced by Parish Councils and when Eaton Bishop Parish Council made the decision to produce a NDP, a Steering Group of 3 Parish Councillors and 6 Eaton Bishop parishioners (chaired by Leon Wolverson) was established. The Steering Group were given the responsibility of preparing the Plan on behalf of EBPC and the parishioners of the Parish.

The following statement underpins and guides the preparation of the Eaton Bishop Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan:

  "To protect and enhance the rural character of the Parish through incremental development in an appropriate and sustainable way in order to maintain and where possible, enhance the quality of life for all of the community."

The Plan once 'made' (adopted as part of the Local Plan Core Strategy) is in place until 2031 and the quantity of new housing in the Parish is set down in the Core Strategy as prescribed by National Planning Policy

Planning law is a very complex subject and therefore planning consultants were employed by the Parish Council to advise, and help prepare the Plan. It was decided to employ the services of Kirkwells as our consultants. Kirkwells were already working with other parishes in Herefordshire in preparing their NDPs and as they were based in Burnley, were not involved in any planning consultancy work locally

Brief time line of NDP

Jul 2014 Application to designate a Neighbourhood Area (the whole of Eaton Bishop Parish)

Sep 2014 Application approved by Herefordshire Council

Jan 2015 Presentation by Louise Kirkup of Kirkwells to the Parish Council. Decision to appoint them as consultants

Mar 2015 Initial Public Meeting

Apr 2015 Due to changes required to the Draft Core Strategy and General/Local election NDP on hold

Jun 2015 Parish Council agree to appoint Kirkwells as consultants

Jul 2015 Resume NDP and apply for grant of £4,960.00 to cover costs of preparation of Plan

Nov 2015 Call for sites - declaration of interest

Dec 2015 Completed site submissions 

Jan 2016 Independent 'Call for Sites Assessment' by Louise Kirkup and Kirkwells team (21 sites)

Feb 2016 Steering Group Meeting - Louise Kirkup puts forward 8 sites suitable for inclusion in draft Plan and agreed by


Feb 2016 Extraordinary Meeting of PC - the 8 sites previously agreed by SG and settlement boundaries for both Eaton 

                        Bishop and Ruckhall 

Mar 2016           2nd application for grant of £4,040.00. Total grant £9,000.00 

Apr/May 2016    Informal Consultation

Jun 2016           Draft NDP amended to reflect comments made during Informal Consultation

Jul 2016            Draft NDP published for Reg.14 consultation 

Oct 2016           NDP approved by Parish Council and published for Reg.16 consultation

Dec 2016          NDP policy team commented that the plan is in general conformity with Core Strategy

Feb 2017          External Examiner appointed

April 2017         Examiner's Report published

May 2017          Final version of NDP published

July 2017          Referendum and result

July/Aug 2017   Cabinet Member approval

21st August 2017   NDP 'made' and becomes part of the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy



A very strong 'Yes' vote for the NDP following Referendum on 13th July 2017.

Declaration of Result of Poll is shown below.

NDP Referendum Result.PDF

Many thanks to all involved Leon and his Steering Group, Parish Councillors, Parish Clerk and most of all the Parishioners of Eaton Bishop for supporting us and giving us this powerful mandate.

The NDP was 'made'/adopted on 21st August 2017 and became part of the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy which means that the Planning Department has to refer to our Plan when considering future planning applications in the Parish.

Eaton Bishop Referendum NDP final 220517.pdf

Examiner's Report

2017-03-28 Eaton Bishop NP Examiners Report final.pdf

Consultation Statement Sept 2016.pdf

Draft Basic Conditions Statement.pdf

Representation Form

Comment Form word (1).docx

Consultation letter

EB NDP Consultation letter (1).pdf




Eaton Camp - Excavation Report 2012 and 2013

Eaton Camp excavation report.pdf

Eaton Camp - Conservation Management Plan

Eaton Camp CMP (9).pdf

Site Assessment Report

Eaton Bishop Call for Sites Assessment Report - February 2016 - Version 5.pdf

Planning Policy and Evidence Base Review

Eaton Bishop Planning policy assessment v2 feb 2016 (2).pdf

SG Meeting minutes

001 Minutes Nov 2014.pdf                   017 Minutes May 2016-1.pdf

002 Minutes Jan 2015-1.pdf                 018 Minutes May 2016-2.pdf

003 Minutes Jan 2015-2.pdf                 October 2016 - NDP agreed by Steering Group and formally approved by Parish Council

004 Minutes Feb 2015-1.pdf

005 Minutes Feb 2015-2.pdf

006 Minutes Mar 2015-1.pdf

007 Minutes Mar 2015-2.pdf

008 Minutes Mar 2015-3.pdf

009 Minutes Jun 2015.pdf

010 Minutes Jul 2015.pdf

011 Minutes Aug 2015.pdf

012 Minutes Sep 2015.pdf

013 Minutes Nov 2015.pdf

014 Minutes Dec 2015.pdf

015 Minutes Feb 2016.pdf

016 Minutes Apr 2016.pdf

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